Cascata released for free!

Cascata, the 1-2 player game that has gone through 2 iterations so far is now for free download

“CASCATA is a game with empathy built right into the mechanics. Everything you do will be for the person you’re playing with, whether its collecting diamonds to destroy blocks bearing down on them, or giving them hearts to prevent a game over. I wanted to make a game that necessitated being your partners’ keeper, and not just looking out for yourself.

There’s also a 1 player mode where the role of two players is placed on you. You must avoid blocks but also not let them touch the bottom of the screen, or else its game over.”



Sumo is out!


I thought this blog should probably have more frequent updates than it currently does, so this is a bit of an update on the things that were addressed in the last blog post.

First of all: Sumo is out! You can find it here:

Sumo is an abstract sumo wrestling game. You and up to three friends spawn in a ring and try to push and shoot each other out of it. It requires Windows and 2-4 Xbox controllers (I wanted to support other controller types but the controller framework I’m using only supports Xbox and Ouya controllers, and no one has Ouya controllers, so….Xbox controllers it is. Sorry!)


That procedural rogue-like thing that Colin talked about in the last post still exists, but its been majorly redesigned to be more of a horror-exploration-survival game called Lamplight.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to continue with Lamplight, because I have another idea I’m interested in exploring for now. But I’m not sure if I’m ready to share details on that one yet, because it might be a total bust. All I have for it right now are like three pages of design documents, nothing’s made it to the screen yet.

Anyways: if you have friends and Xbox controllers for your friends, Sumo is just a dollar so it’d be really cool if you checked it out. School is starting for Fourth Floor Games so video game development is gonna be slowed down considerably for the next little while. We’ll post updates to the blog whenever we have something new to tell you about.

See you later,
Taylor Anderson

Welcome to the new blog & new games!

Hello friends,

We at fourth floor games have been away from this blog for a spell, and decided it needed a solid refresh and updating of new content.
In the blog, we now have some funky colouring and photography as well as a new theme, which allows the widgets on the right for easy access and the pages and about us at the front. pretty, isn’t it? 

In the game world, we’re still working on a series of games. Right now, the one that’s about to launch is Interplanetary Defense Alliance, a game made by Taylor for Ludum Dare 30 in one weekend. It reminds me of Galcon+Missile Command

work in progress screenshot.

work in progress screenshot.


You must share weapons resources between planets, and blow up enemies attacking you with those resources. If a planet runs out of an ammo type, they won’t be able to defend against that ammo type, so watch out for that! 

The next project i’ll brief you on is a slightly larger more in depth one, that is a result of a chat between Taylor and myself about the direction more games out of FFG should take. Essentially its a bit of a survival / procedural rogue-like-like and is about manipulating the elements to try to chart a path North. Still in early stages but here’s a still:

work in progress shot

work in progress shot

There are 2 more games in the works, one game coming along extraordinarily slowly being made by me (colin) and another that’s just about finished called SUMO, by taylor. We’ll update you more later on on those, SUMO deserves its own post.

Hope you enjoy playing the games and the new blog,

Have fun!

– Colin 



It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

In truth, we’ve kinda just not been updating this blog–we HAVE been releasing games, just not posting about them here.  I kinda just remembered this blog, took a little time updating the colors and header, and now I figure I’d post a little update as to the state of Fourth Floor Games.

We have released two new games since we last posted, and we’ll be releasing a third very soon (on June 9th, in fact).  The games we’ve released are:


A game about not letting certain cells into your cell.  This game was made for TOJam 9 in Toronto.



A game about flying along the water’s edge, and trying to keep your balance.  This game is coming to Android platforms in the very near future, so watch out for that.


And finally, our third game coming out on June 9th will be CASCATA, which is actually a remake of a game I made looooong ago, when I first started making games.  CASCATA will be our first commercial release (!) and will likely cost two dollars when it comes out.  I made a lil video of me playing it and talking about it here.


That’s it for me! I’ll likely be posting here again in a few days when CASCATA releases.  


New work

Hey friends,

We at Fourth Floor Games are proud to say that we have two new projects on the way. One is an adorable, intense and hopefully very fun runner/platformer about a robot who wants to be an Olympian. The other is still very much in its prototyping phase, but is FFG’s first attempt at a narrative driven game, about a village full of people who are haunted by their reluctance to let go of lost loved ones.

As always we will try to complete the projects as soon and with as much polish as possible, but with school and given the difficulty of implementing our ideas into something fun to play, the monthly mark will be perhaps extended, if the projects don’t get dropped.

Hopefully we’ll both post back with screenshots and some gameplay demos later!



SEEKER has been updated!

Hey all!

This is a blogpost to let you know that SEEKER has finally gotten the update it so truly deserves.  Barring a few superficial changes that will be happening in the future (sounds and music, mostly), SEEKER is now a complete game.  Unfortunately most of what has been added is hidden behind a veil of secrets, since all along I wanted SEEKER to be a game full of weird little things you can find by accident.


I don’t think Seeker will gain the same amount of traction as Orbis did, since it’s a two player game, but nevertheless I am very happy with it and it probably ranks at #2 of the best games I’ve made (behind Orbis, of course).

SEEKER can be found at


PS: Here are some screenshots if you want to get a feel for the look of the game.  I can’t really show much though, because like I said, the game is full of secrets 😛




Hello occasional readers.  We are posting this blog here about our new game SEEKER, currently available at



SEEKER is a game of hide and seek for two players in a crude, creepy black and white world.  As the hider you must carefully control where you bleed on the ground in order to mislead the seeker from finding you, and as the seeker you must trace the hider’s moves through his blood trail and try to discover where he is.

SEEKER will be in constant update mode for a while, as new areas are added, things are playtested, etc.

There will be a large content patch in the near future, as well, which will be interesting.

Thanks for reading!